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      Called "truly unique"and "emotionally charged" by Get it on Vinyl, and described as “Masterful” by the A&M Arts Examiner, Aaron Gibson's distinctive style of playing perfectly supports his storytelling. Aaron, along with his wife and children, have their roots in a small tribal community near the Oregon coast where his poetic pursuits permeate his songwriting, visual art and woodworking.

      The forty six year old artist has been playing bass and singing in bands since the age of ten. Around 2009, Aaron decided to start releasing music as a solo artist and has delivered ten singles, three full length albums and thirty music videos. 

      On January 1st of 2019, Aaron released ‘Horror Films and Sunday School’, a collaboration with Grammy Award winning composer and producer Nahuel Bronzini that features San Fransisco’s Amaranth Quartet, Celebrated UK bassist Steve Lawson, Mia Pixely, Talitha Gibson and world music bass virtuoso Jason Everett. Nahuel and Aaron have decided to continue their partnership and are entering the new decade as duo.

Press Quotes:

"..the album finds Gibson and Bronzini in a focused narrative; storytelling through melody, motif, progressive bass playing, and intimate vocals that are woven together with masterful string arrangements."  -  Bass Magazine

"Aaron spends his time making great music with just a bass"   - The Grateful Dead Almanac

"a gorgeous piece of art, it's a masterpiece!"       - No Treble Magazine

"It is wonderful to hear bass oriented music with such heart"        - Michael Manring

"With Horror Films, Gibson has succeeded in putting together a truly unique, emotionally charged record that doesn’t confine itself to one feeling or sound, spreading across a vast wealth of strings that one would be hard-pressed to find so well put together elsewhere."

                                                                                                                       - Get it on Vinyl


“ Utterly compelling and beautiful", "This album is one of the finest things ever recorded by a bass playing singer songwriter. It is extraordinary”        - Steve Lawson

“It’s beyond what anyone in the genre is doing. He manages to tell a story with his voice and rhythms that keep you on the edge of your seat". - Nicolas Golder (bassist for Neyla Pekarek)

Video Links:

Said No LoverNew Music video from visionary animator Miguel Rodrick

Full Dark At Airship Laboratories with The Amaranth Quartet and Nahuel Bronzini

See The WorldRecorded live at the San Fransisco Music Expo

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