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    "Aaron blows us away with each new video he shares"

    "So Amazing"

                                             -No Treble

"Not Good Enough" is a tune about my 

daughter's rather downcast 

view towards herself and her own abilities.

I disagree completely  with her aspersions and it’s not just 

because I am her father.

Fellow bass man, Andy Irvine, had asked me to do a cover of his tune

"A Heart for the Rhinoceros"

Here is the result.

I had some fun getting back into animation for this one and I thought it should reflect Andy's cause. Andy's site rhinogod.com is bringing 

awareness to the plight of the Rhino's, who are being killed ostensibly just for their horns.

A song written for my beautiful wife of nearly 20 years.

"A smile is worth a thousand hellos,

a kiss might be more.

A touch, though it be on the hand

is felt in my toes.

Ready or not, I'll always come and find you.

Exquisite food for my hungry soul.

and though I'll always try to play the gentlman,

ascendency of my cool is beyond control.

If we can stay together until heaven,

then you know I will."

I Will Take You Home was made as an entry into the Grateful Dead Covers Project. And I won! 

This was the first time I had ever tried to do video work and it would be embarrassingly amateurish if not for my daughter being so stinking cute.  

The video and an interview were included in The 2012 Grateful Dead Almanac and the video was played in theaters nation wide  at The Grateful Dead

Meet-Up at the Movies

You know, it's funny that I have a bunch of covers on here. I had always been diametrically opposed to doing cover songs. As a songwriter, I found it disingenuous to not play my own music..... but.. I relaxed a bit and realized that, though I do not believe in pitting musicians against each other in contest, covers are a good way to get new people interested in my own music. Lost in Forever was done for a P.O.D. cover contest that went entirely un-noticed.

Yep, another cover! I learned Sunshine really fast, recorded some footage and edited it on my laptop in the car on my way to Salt Lake City. I thought my version was pretty stinking cool rhythmically, and I like to sing this tune.

A live solo bass studio recording of this will be available in summer of 2013 on my next release.

I loved the way that Waiting came out on Becoming Unravelled, but it is one of those songs that, to my ear, sounded every bit as good when presented with absolute minimalism. I do not wish to be too redundant but I did re-record this song for the new solo bass project. 

The concept for Halves was based solely on the idea of encouraging good folks to kill their televisions, something I believe in! Just about all of the animation was done frame by frame with iDraw, a little drawing app on my iPad. As always, the video was shot with my iPhone 4s, the only camera I have. I liked bringing visuals to someone getting sucked into their TV. Fun to make, but this video really took a long time to finish.