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"When he's not chopping wood in the majestic Siuslaw National Forest or tending to his 5 children, Oregon-based Aaron Gibson spends his time making great music with just a bass (and great videos with just an iPhone)"

The Grateful Dead Almanac

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Aaron Gibson Ties Up His Loose Ends


To watch Gibson play is to see a jaw-dropping array of raking, tapping, slapping, and an almost banjo-like plucking technique - mad skills! To listen to Aaron Gibson is to lose yourself in his music. You simply disappear into each story, each note, whether as individual pieces or a journey entire.

"Bass Album of the Year"

              at Thunder Row


Loose Ends - its folk rock sounds, lyrics, the atmospheres - I was immediately made to feel defenseless, and I use the term defenseless, in its truest meaning, because while listening to the voice of Aaron (so perfect for his music), those melodies of bass guitar, naked, yet complex in their simplicity, have won every defense and slipped inside, in that place where each of us conceals and protects their emotions.

Italian Media Blog

It’s not often you get to hear tracks in which the lead instrument is electric bass guitar and come out of that experience feeling very impressed.

Well today that happened…

Indie Music Mag:

 The Lone Bassist

"I don’t remember when we first discovered the music of Aaron Gibson, but ever since that day he’s been one of my favorite bassists."

A&M University Arts Examiner

"an outstanding rendition of I Will Take You Home by Aaron Gibson, played as masterfully on the electric bass as I've seen anyone handle one in years"

American DIY Musician Establishes Base in China

"...Aaron Gibson, a DIY'er in every sense of the word, who has performed in China and is planning a return visit. Aaron provides insights into going it alone and his experience of reaching crowds of enthusiastic locals....."