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Aaron Gibson Ties Up His Loose Ends


"Bass Album of the Year"

              at Thunder Row


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"With Horror Films, Gibson has succeeded in putting together a truly unique, emotionally charged record that doesn’t confine itself to one feeling or sound, spreading across a vast wealth of strings that one would be hard-pressed to find so well put together elsewhere."

Corey Spins

"While I’ve always loved Aaron’s solo bass and vocal recordings, the addition of the strings and guest appearances make this my favorite album by him, and one of the favorites in my entire collection."

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"Perfectly Judged"

"The songs in question are humane, perceptive representations of experience, and Gibson inhabits the various characters he constructs with humour, conviction and great compassion."

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"Gibson as a storyteller spins tales that sound at once tall but also set firmly in the concrete of reality. His bass lines tell their own stories too laying down intricate patterns and chords that feel more like patterns on a piano really, well and bass too. It is a marvel to listen to..."


"There is both great tragedy and beauty that sprouts out of art. Each prickly, suffocating weed is necessary to uncover the nest of gardenias, lilies, and other wildflowers. Musician Aaron Gibson juggles such extremes with his new video “Said No Lover"


"When he's not chopping wood in the majestic Siuslaw National Forest or tending to his 5 children, Oregon-based Aaron Gibson spends his time making great music with just a bass"


Thunder Row

"To watch Gibson play is to see a jaw-dropping array of raking, tapping, slapping, and an almost banjo-like plucking technique - mad skills! To listen to Aaron Gibson is to lose yourself in his music. You simply disappear into each story, each note, whether as individual pieces or a journey entire."

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